Glenfarclas 40 YO (Scotland)

Glenfarclas 40 Year Old, 46% ABV – 700ml, (Ballindollach, Scotland)

Background: Glenfarclas (valley of the green grass) was established in 1836 has been owned by the Grant family for over 5 generations. The 40 year old won the “Scotch Whisky Single Malt of the Year” award in the 2011 17th Annual Malt Whisky Awards competition.

  • Style: Scotch
  • My Rating: A-
  • Taste Profile: Sherry/Caramel/Maple -> Alcohol/Warmth/Licorice -> Peppery/Dry finish
  • Where I got it: Chateau Louis (Edm)
  • How much: ~$500, Summer 2010
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to scotch aficionados: yes

Tasting notes: pours incredibly rich dark caramel brown. Massive maple syrup sweetness and vanilla on the nose. Drinks with sharp 8/10-sweetness of sherry, caramel, maple syrup, vanilla, transitioning into alcohol, intense warmth, oak, rum, licorice/mint, with a peppery, lingering dry finish.

BenRiach Curiositas 10YO (Scotland)

Curiositas 10 Years Peated Malt – The BenRiach, 46.0% ABV -70cl, (Morayshire, Scotland)

On the back label:

“Curiositas uses a heavily peated malted barley as the cereal varietal to produce a unique, fresh, peated expression. This rare peated single malt, from the Heartland of Speyside, has wonderful overtones of peat reek, combined cleverly with a background of fruity, floral, heathery notes and an appealing presence of oak wood in the finish. Traditionalists believe that peated malts achieve optimum balance of peat-bittersweet and oak infusion after 10 years of maturation. In fact peated BenRiach is a return to the original Speyside character and flavour of malts typical of the nineteenth century. Curiositas is a distinctive and welcome addition to the Speyside scene – this is a dram to be savoured with a dash of water.”

  • Style: Speyside peated scotch
  • My Rating: C-
  • Taste Profile: peat rush -> caramel/chocolate -> warmth/peat finish
  • Where I got it: BC Liquor Stores
  • How much: $65, Fall 2010
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would non-scotch drinkers like this: no

Tasting notes: pours medium orange with some suspended sediment. Lots of peat mixed with alcohol burn on the nose. Starts off with a thickish visosity, low-medium sweetness, transitions into tastes of smoky peat, caramel, nutty chocolate, (dark) fruit, finishing with more smoke, medium warmth, high alcohol detection. Goes with Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars. The peat tires out my palate fast.