The Craft BeerAdvent 2014 Calendar Day #24 – Entendez Noel Belgian Quad (USA)


The Craft BeerAdvent Calendar 2014 Day #24 – Last day

Entendez Noel Belgian Style Pale Quadrupel – Sound Brewery, 11.5% ABV – 355ml., (Poulsbo, Washington, USA)

description at

“Like most big Belgian holiday beers, Noel is bursting with subtly complex flavors and fits no particular beer style. Its explosion of sensations comes from just Belgian Pilsner malt, cane sugar, Motueka hops, Trappist yeast, water, and fermentation. Drink warm or cold in various glassware shapes and sizes to discover all its nuances. Entendez should age extremely well for years to come”

  • Style: Belgian Strong Ale / Quadrupel
  • Taste: Excessively alcoholic unbalanced sweet candi barley malt roughness
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: no

Visual: Pours copper orange-brown with no head, thin ringed retention, small clusters of slow streams.

Nose: candi toffee barley malt. (lvl-6)-pungency

Attack: thick viscosity, immediate (lvl-9)-sweetness w/ alcohol

Mid-palate: zingy alcohol, tangy gag-reflex inducing, (MAIN) apple, plum, Belgian candi barley malt, mild honey, ethanol

Finish: alcohol hit, lingering sweet malt, rough finish.

Summary: This one did not go down well at all, it was one of the rare beers that actually caused a gag reflex. The balance of alcohol, flavour and texture is not there. La Trappe is a quad I had recently that is certainly better than this.

Ursus Spelæus Belgian Style Imperial Stout – Sound Brewery (Poulsbo, WA, USA)


  • My Rating: C

Ursus Spelæus Belgian Style Imperial Stout – Sound Brewery, 8.5% ABV – 1 pt. 6 fl.oz., (Poulsbo, WA, USA)

on the back label:

“Ursus Spelæus (wiki) – Named for a long extinct Russian Cave Bear. Ursus Spelæus is as deep and dark as the caves it once inhabited. Blends of rich maltiness, notes of chocolate, coffee, toffee & subtle licorice with a perfect balance of hops. The Belgian yeast strain adds touches of fruit, herbs and spices.”

  • Style: (Belgian-style) Imperial Stout
  • Taste: sours malts -> caramel malts/coffee -> alcohol/malty bittersweet coffee finish.
  • Where I got it : 16th St. Liquor
  • How much: $10 (after 10% off) – 1 pt 6 fl.oz., June 2013
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: yes

Visual: Pours almost inkjet black with a hint of purple-redness in it, pretty much headless, almost no retention, some slow activity near the surface, and the last few drops from the bottle are cloudy.

Nose: Huge coffee-toffee-malts, a very clean nose (7/10-pungency)

Attack: sour/tangy thick caramel malts, drinks almost flat (not much CO2)

Mid-palate: (6/10)-sourness, malty (7/10)-sweetness, (MAIN) caramel malts, coffee

Finish: alcohol detection, continual sourness, licorice malt exhale, malty soft coffee-bitter finish.

Summary: Every sip is different with this sour-bitter brew; Depending on the bite of the food you’re eating, it heavily leans toward either the oversour or smooth malty sweet. Too much sourness and not enough texture for me to thoroughly enjoy this.