Maple Wine – Rossignol Estate Winery (PEI, Canada)

  • My Rating: [D]

Maple Wine (Oak Aged) – Rossignol Estate Winery, 13% ABV (now listed as 16% ABV, 12/2016) – 750 ml., (Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada)

  • Style: Maple Wine
  • Taste: Dense cloying tangy caramel passito-ish slight maple unclean finish
  • Where I got it : ordered from their website/phone
  • How much: $21 CAD (after S&H) – 750 ml., March 2013
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to wine aficionados: no

Visual: Non-vintage, cellared for 3 years. Pours a deep dark orange-brown, clear, slightly thicker than water viscosity.

Nose: maple, brown sugar, tangy-sweet impression. (lvl-5)-intensity

Attack: sweet-light tangy, dense sugars

Mid-palate: cloying (lvl-9-sweetness), slight alcoholic heat, short tangy, caramel, hints of a passito (straw wine)

Finish: generic maple syrup exhale, unclean keep-swallowing finish

Summary: My first tasting of a maple wine, one of only a few bottles that I have in my collection. You don’t see a whole lot of maple wines around and after having this I understand why. This particular maple wine flavour is dull and not engaging. In particular, you don’t get the bright woody aromatics of the maple that you might expect. Instead I found it cloying while the finish leaving a lot of palate and throat roughness.