Spiced Rum Round 4 – Whaler’s (Champ) VS Elements Eight (Challenger)

1) Whaler’s Spiced Rum – Bishop Wines & Spirits (Mira Loma, CA, USA), 35% ABV – 750ml$39.50 CAD @ Liquor Depot Dilworth in Edmonton, AB (7/2010 price)

  • “Made from Hawaii’s legendary recipe”


2) Elements Eight Spiced Rum – Elements Eight Rum Company Ltd. (London, England, UK), 40% ABV – 700ml$59 CAD (after 10% off) @ Sherbrooke Liquor in Edmonton, AB (3/2011 price)


  • 8 step process: 1) Terroir (St. Lucia climate) -> 2) Cane -> 3) Water (tropical water) -> 4) Fermentation (3 strains of yeast) -> 5) Distillation (Kentucky Bourbon Vendome pot still, using “heart only) -> 6) Tropical Ageing (American oak Bourbon barrels) -> 7) Blending (10+ single rums) -> 8) Filtration
  • 2x the price point of “standard” rums ($60 vs $30)
  • Fancy and classy bottle



  • Whaler’s (WH): 50/50 blend of vanilla-molasses & alcohol detection
  • Elements Eight (E8): nutmeg, orange, coffee nib, biscuity liquid toffee
  • E8 is much cleaner and more enticing

Taste & Texture:

  • WH: thinnish, a mix of cinnamon/nutmeg with vanilla and alcohol at the start, medium-high heat with dryness as the finish
  • E8: explicitly full-bodied. Slick, big orange coffee up front (much like Pyrat Rum Cast 1623), clove, cascading waves of controlled molasses sweetness, cocoa, subdued medium alcoholic heat. Finally a good sipping spiced rum.
  • WH: watery feel, vanilla, dull. E8: oily, big orange coffee bean, smooth rounded sipper. E8 is FAR superior.

In a Rum & Coke

  • Whaler’s & Coke is cola-caramel forward with dry lime juice and oils in the mids to finish.
  • Elements Eight & Coke is aggressively sweet sticky-tart with a incompatible cloying orange flavour in the mids, finishing unclean with cocoa-cola.
  • Whaler’s is more enjoyable in a cola mixer.

Final Notes:

  • Whaler’s has a decent of mix of cinnamon/nutmeg, toffee and vanilla but is thin and has harsher detectable alcohol.
  • Elements Eight has a luscious rush of orange nutty coffee bean, tanginess, and toffee-cocoa.

WINNER = the challenger Elements Eight. You can taste the rich difference in quality. Finally, a tasty sipping spiced rum that has left the rest behind (Sailor Jerry’s, Devil’s Triangle, Captain Morgan’s, Whaler’s), but less than perfect in a Rum & Coke.

Malibu Sundae and Berrylicious flavoured Rums (ON, Canada)


Malibu flavoured Rum – Hiram Walker (Ontario, Canada)

  1. Sundae – Chocolate Ice Cream (and the base coconut): Rating: C
  2. Berrylicious – Strawberries & Whipped Cream (and coconut): Rating: D+

1.) Sundae – Chocolate Ice Cream (LEFT), 21% ABV, 750ml

Ingredients: rum, sugar/glucose-fructose, water, VODKA, IMITATION CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR, IMITATION CREAM FLAVOUR, coconut flavour, sodium citrate, citric acid, WINE, colour, gum arabic.

  • Taste Profile: rum sweetness -> nutty chocolate/cacao -> alcohol warmth/cloying/cacao exhale finish.
  • Where I got it: Port Moody Liq Store
  • How much: $30, August 2013
  • Do I love this enough to buy it again: nope
  • Would I recommend this to mixologists: maybe as a substitute for creme de cacao

Visual: Rum+vodka+wine?? plus 2 imitation flavours… Also, really crap quality screw cap. Pours clear light brown, not really chocolate colour at all.

Nose: Very nutty (peanut-coconut), sugary sweet. Subsequent nosings detect waffle cone and creme de cacao, in an artificial way.

Attack: watery viscosity, 9/10-rum sweetness

Mid-palate: half-bitter almost chocolate, fake (thin-bodied) cacao with coconut, hints of sourness

Finish: alcohol warmth, artificial cacao exhale, light-medium cloying finish with medium length.

Summary: It’s all artificial but not necessarily bad. There’s some shades of chocolate there but not a whole lot of ice cream. It’s not offensive by any means and is quite drinkable by itself. It’ll probably work okay as a mixer too, but don’t expect top tier cocktails. I find it tastes similar to a creme de cacao but not as sweet.

2.) Berrylicious – Strawberries & Whipped Cream (RIGHT), 21% ABV, 750ml

Ingredients: rum, sugar/glucose-fructose, water, VODKA, IMITATION CREAM FLAVOUR, NATURAL STRAWBERRY FLAVOUR, coconut flavour, sodium citrate, citric acid, WINE, malic acid, colour.

  • Taste Profile: sweet cherry -> fake strawberry/nasal tingly -> coconut nuttiness/warmth/long warm finish.
  • Where I got it: Port Moody Liq Store
  • How much: $30, August 2013
  • Do I love this enough to buy it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to mixologists: no

Visual: Same deal but “natural” instead of imitation strawberry flavour, plus malic acid and no gum arabic. Pours candy reddish-orange, more appealing than the chocolate.

Nose: strawberry candy, same nutty coconut, but with some astringent alcohol + minor nasal burn in there

Attack: 9/10-candied sweetness, CHERRY

Mid-palate: gets progressively sweeter, fake candied strawberry, nasal tingliness

Finish: coconut nuttiness, deepthroat alcohol warmth, PLASTIC, long warm finish.

Summary: The flavours here are all over the place. There is fake strawberry, ZERO whipped cream, and some coconut. It’s okay as a shot, and possibly as a mixer if you are okay with artificial flavours.

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