Valient Jubilee Sweet Red Wine – Rossignol Estate Winery (PEI, Canada)

  • My Rating: [C+]

Valient Jubilee Sweet Red Wine – Rossignol Estate Winery, 12% ABV (now listed as 11% ABV, 5/2017) – 750 ml., (Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada)

description from the Rossignol website:

“Deliciously rich and concentrated with loads of wild grape taste. Our hardy, estate-grown Valient [sic] grapes yield a fragrant juicy cocktail wine to be enjoyed alone or over ice with a twist of lemon”

  • Style: (Sweet) Red Wine
  • Taste: Sweet juicy concord-grapey tangy alcholic tart gums
  • Where I got it : ordered from their website/phone
  • How much: $21 CAD (after S&H) – 750 ml., March 2013
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to wine aficionados: no

Visual: Non-vintage, cellared for 5 years. Pours a very dark reddish-purple, slow thick legs.

Nose: juicy deep and rich Welch/concord grape juice, background tangy acidity (lvl-4)-intensity

Attack: medium tart, sweet grape juice impression

Mid-palate: (lvl-5-sweetness), concord grape juice, raisiny alcohol, big juicy-controlled tart, tangy-zingy acidity, sangria-ish

Finish: tart gums, slight concord grapey exhale.

Summary: Valiant grape, a first for me tasting this varietal. More info here, it seems this type of sweet grape is well-suited for making jam and juice due to its deep rich flavour. This drinks like a sweet and tangy alcoholic grape juice with decent depth, easy going and quite approachable. It would be interesting on the rocks or in a cocktail, as suggested on the Rossignol website.

Petit Verdot 2006 – Sandhill Estate Vineyard (Kelowna, BC, Canada)


  • My Rating: [C+]

Petit Verdot 2006 – Sandhill Estate Vineyard, 14.0% ABV, 750ml., (Kelowna, BC, Canada)

  • 2009 Canadian Wine Awards Silver

As you can probably tell I’m not much of a wine drinker, less so a red wine imbiber. I picked this one up on the recommendation of a friend while doing a winery road trip of the Okanagan Valley. I figured the shiny silver medal sticker 100% guaranteed that it would be good.

Wine VS Beer? Different beasts for different moods. Wine for a relaxing and chill meal, whereas beer for a refreshing pick-me-up. And beer is more enjoyable to chug; Burp.

Details about the Petit Verdot varietal via wiki:

  • mainly used in Bordeaux blends
  • ripens late but reliably in New world wines, therefore a single varietal is doable
  • typical young flavours of banana and pencil shavings, matured flavours of violet and leather

  • Style: (Petit Verdot) Single Varietal Vintage Red Wine
  • Taste: Thin sour-acidic raspberry smoky wet wood tannic-tart
  • Where I got it : @Winery
  • How much: $30 – 750ml., Summer 2010
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: of course no

Visual: Deep dark purple red

Nose: raspberry juice, violets, light smoke. (lvl-8)-pungency

Attack: deep sour fruit, light acidity, thin mouthfeel

Mid-palate: (lvl-1)-sweetness, medium tart-tannic, continued acidity, (MAIN) raspberry, wet wood.

Finish: smoky fruity exhale, tart finish.

Summary: The nose was quite interesting but the taste didn’t quite live up to its promise. A rather thin mouthfeel and over-acidic character with an underwhelming fruity mids left this one unbalanced. Not lush, but thin.