The Craft BeerAdvent 2014 Calendar Summary


The Craft BeerAdvent 2014 Calendar Summary

-It’s a shame British Columbians were not able purchase the 2015 calendar anywhere in the province since the 2014 had a very nice range of international beers and styles. They will in all likelyhood get things sorted out this year though; It’s something I’m looking forward to as the Phillips and CC/P49 calendars tend to reuse about 50% of their brews from the previous year (I checked).

For the 2014 calendar, there was only 1 Notable, many good showings (B’s), and thankfully no stinkers.

[ 1 x A- ], [ 4 x B+], [ 4 x B], [ 2 x B-], [ 6 x C+], [ 7 x C]

  1. wpid-20141211_211734.jpg [C] Tindved – Nøgne Ø (Norway)
  2. wpid-img_20141223_190106.jpg [B] Hippaheikki Teerenpeli Extra Special Bitter – Teerenpeli Brewery (Finland)
  3. wpid-img_20150102_002804.jpg [B+] Chateau Civrac Old Ale – Penpont Brewery (UK)
  4. wpid-img_20150106_031139.jpg [A-] Hop Blanc White IPA – Peak Organic Brewing Co. (Portland, USA)
  5. wpid-img_20150130_004714.jpg [B+] Krampus Speciale – Birrificio del Ducato (Italy)
  6. wpid-img_20150205_015414.jpg [B] Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack (IPA) – Bridge Road Brewers (Australia)
  7. wpid-img_20150211_012129.jpg [C] Anzus IPA – Croucher Brewing Company (New Zealand)
  8. wpid-img_20150219_025043.jpg [C+] Weltenburger Kloster Anno 1050 (Amber Lager) – Klosterbrauerei Weltenburg (Germany)
  9. wpid-img_20150331_013953.jpg [C] Cucapá Honey – Cervecería Cucapá (Mexico)
  10. wpid-img_20150412_052704.jpg [B] Gæðingur Stout  – Gæðingur Brugghús (Iceland)
  11. wpid-img_20150416_012929.jpg [C+] Wäls Tropical Christmas Saison – Cervejaria Wäls (Brazil)
  12. wpid-img_20151117_223855.jpg [B] Biere de Noël – Big Sky Brewing (Montana, USA)
  13. wpid-img_20151124_025023.jpg [C+] Blackfriar Scotch Ale – Invernalmond Brewery (Scotland)
  14. img_20151130_020721.jpg [B-] Imperial Schwarze Gams – Privatbrauerei Loncium (Austria)
  15. img_20160115_010558.jpg [C] Karoo Red – Porcupine Quill Brewing Co. (South Africa)
  16. img_20160123_022631.jpg [C+] Oud Beersel Bersalis Kadet – Oud Beersel Brouwerij (Belgium)
  17. img_20160123_043518.jpg [B-] Marmalade Porter – Wold Top Brewery (England)
  18. img_20160124_220841.jpg [C+] Jeune Gueule Weïti – Brasserie Guyanaise (French Guiana)
  19. img_20160125_013807.jpg [C] Winterporter – Browerij de Molen (Netherlands)
  20. img_20160126_025027.jpg [C+] Colorado Vixnu Imperial IPA – Cervejaria Colorado (Brazil)
  21. img_20160127_002259.jpg [C] Fürst Wallerstein Winter-Böckle – Fürst Wallerstein Brauhaus (Germany)
  22. img_20160128_011930.jpg [B+] Rooie Dop Final Countdown Winter Saison – Brewed at Brouwerij de Molen (Netherlands)
  23. img_20160128_021358.jpg [B+] God Advent – Nøgne Ø (Netherlands)
  24. img_20160128_060507.jpg [C] Entendez Noel Belgian Style Pale Quadrupel – Sound Brewery (Washington, USA)

Phillips Snowcase 2014 Calendar Summary


Phillips Snowcase 2014 Calendar Summary

-Finished the 2014 Snowcase! All-in-all this was just an okay batch with only two B+, a few stinkers and the rest pretty average in my book.

  1. wpid-20141202_222852.jpg [C+] Electric Unicorn White IPA
  2. wpid-img_20141218_013544.jpg [C] Old Pappy’s Smooth Sailin’ Amber Lager
  3. wpid-img_20141225_034731.jpg [C+] Octofox IPA
  4. wpid-img_20150104_055649.jpg [C-] Ginger Beer
  5. wpid-img_20150127_201628.jpg [B] Amnesiac Double IPA
  6. wpid-img_20150201_014133.jpg [B+] Schottleweizen (Dunkelweizen)
  7. wpid-img_20150206_001157.jpg [D+] Blue Buck English Pale Ale
  8. wpid-img_20150212_004942.jpg [C+] Dr. Funk Dunkel
  9. wpid-img_20150221_051709.jpg [C] Hop Circle IPA
  10. wpid-img_20150407_022656.jpg [C-] Slipstream Ale
  11. wpid-img_20150414_011655.jpg [C+] Analogue 78 B Side Kolsch
  12. wpid-img_20150421_020735.jpg [B] Crazy 8s Annu-Ale (IIPA)
  13. wpid-img_20151119_001334.jpg [B] Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout (1st tasting)
  14. wpid-img_20151123_235331.jpg [D+] Elsinore (Lager)
  15. img_20151201_234711.jpg [C+] Oatmeal Stout
  16. img_20160111_060555.jpg [C] Longboat Chocolate Porter (2nd tasting)
  17. img_20160112_041414.jpg [B] Skookum Cascadian Brown Ale
  18. img_20160112_235445.jpg [B-] Krypton Rye PA
  19. img_20160105_002613.jpg [B-] Coulrophobia IRA (skipped)
  20. img_20151214_054817.jpg [B-] Trainwreck Barley Wine 2014 (skipped)
  21. img_20151209_034351.jpg [C+] Twisted Oak Scotch Ale (skipped)
  22. img_20160113_002541.jpg [D+] Cherry Hieter Smoked Cherry Ale
  23. img_20160114_005723.jpg [B-] Surly Blonde Big Belgian Triple
  24. img_20160108_022107.jpg [B+] Barrel-Aged Puzzler Belgian Black IPA

Central City / Parallel 49 – 2014 Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown Calendar Summary


Central City / Parallel 49 – 2014 Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown Calendar Summary:

-2014 Calendar…done! There was only 1 notable beer, which was the the Central City Imperial Porter Bourbon Barrel Aged edition, absolutely delicious. Other than that, all the others were pretty standard and can be found as bombers, or variety packs; Although I’m 2 years late in saying it, I don’t think this calendar was worth the buy, especially if you’ve already tried the P49 and CC lineup.

  1. wpid-20141211_031119.jpg [B-] P49 – Schwarzwald Chocolate Cherry Ale
  2. wpid-img_20141218_021727.jpg [C+] CC – Red Racer Pilsner
  3. wpid-img_20141227_035036.jpg [B-] P49 – Filthy Dirty IPA
  4. wpid-img_20150105_005325.jpg [C+] CC – Red Racer Belgian-Style Wheat Ale
  5. wpid-img_20150129_022610.jpg [C] P49 – Old Boy Classic Ale
  6. wpid-img_20150203_014333.jpg [B-] CC – Red Racer Oatmeal Stout
  7. wpid-img_20150208_231416.jpg [B-] P49 – The Toques of Hazzard IIPA
  8. wpid-img_20150212_012223.jpg [C] CC – Red Racer Pale Ale
  9. wpid-img_20150222_205818.jpg [B] P49 – Hoparazzi West Coast Lager IPL
  10. wpid-img_20150409_214542.jpg [C+] CC – Red Racer ESB
  11. wpid-img_20150415_000108.jpg [C] P49 – Craft Lager
  12. wpid-img_20151116_232550.jpg [D] CC – Copper Ale
  13. wpid-img_20151123_013354.jpg [C] P49 – Black Christmas CDA
  14. img_20151127_034348.jpg [C] CC – Red Racer ISA
  15. img_20151202_002507.jpg [C+] P49 – Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale
  16. img_20160102_183249.jpg [B+] CC – Red Racer IPA (skipped)
  17. wpid-20131221_181042.jpg [B] P49 – Sahti Claws Finnish Sahti (skipped)
  18. wpid-img_20150618_012333.jpg [C+] CC – Imperial IPA (skipped)
  19. img_20151208_044141.jpg [C+] P49 – Salty Scot Sea Salted Caramel Scotch Ale (skipped)
  20. img_20160109_024037.jpg [A] CC – Imperial Porter Bourbon Barrel Aged
  21. wpid-20130405_233119.jpg [C+] P49 – Ugly Sweater Milk Stout (skipped)
  22. img_20160105_213402.jpg [B+] CC – Thor’s Hammer Barley Wine Bourbon Barrel Aged (skipped)
  23. img_20160109_211108.jpg [B] P49 – Vow of Silence Belgian Strong Ale
  24. img_20160110_010831.jpg [D] CC & P49 – Dubbel Trouble Rum & Raisin Belgian Dubbel

Phillips Snowcase 2015 Calendar Summary


Phillips Snowcase 2015 Calendar Summary:

-Compared to the Central City / Parallel 49 Calendar, Phillips had ZERO notables (A- or better) and 2 stinkers (D+ or below), whereas CC/P49 had 3 noteworthies and 1 stinker. I still have yet to finish both 2014 calendars to see how many unique brews there were in the 2015 edition. Stay tuned.

  1. [C] Anxiety Ale
  2. [C] Analogue 78 B Side Kolsch
  3. [B-] Apteryx IPA
  4. [B-] Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout
  5. [C] One & Only Saison
  6. [C] Slipstream Ale
  7. [C+] Twisted Oak Stillage Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale
  8. [B] Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale
  9. [C] Old Pappy’s Smooth Sailin’ Amber Lager
  10. [B+] Schottleweizen
  11. [C+] Rural Brewer Brown Brew
  12. [B-] Trainwreck Barley Wine 2015
  13. [C] Hop Circle IPA
  14. [C+] Phillips Wit Beer
  15. [D+] Elsinore (Lager)
  16. [B-] Polaris Milk Stout
  17. [C+] Forbidden Fruit Apple Ale
  18. [D+] Blue Buck (English Pale Ale)
  19. [B-] Coulrophobia India Red Ale
  20. [B+] The Hammer (Bourbon) Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  21. [B] Amnesiac Double IPA
  22. [B] Siddhartha
  23. [B+] Barrel-Aged Puzzler Black IPA
  24. [C+] krampusnacht

Central City / Parallel 49 2015 Craft Crossing Calendar Summary


Central City & Parallel 49 2015 Craft Crossing Calendar… done! Here’s a summary of the beers, notables are: #9, #18, and #24.

  1. [C+] Rock the Bells Cranberry Sour Ale
  2. [C+] Red Racer ISA
  3. [C] Jerkface 9000 North West Wheat
  4. [B-] The Dominator Brett Saison
  5. [C+] Salty Scot Sea Salted Caramel Scotch Ale
  6. [B+] Red Racer Northwest Pale Ale
  7. [B-] Filthy Dirty India Pale Ale
  8. [B-] Fabulator Rauch Bock

  9. [A-] Bodhisattva Dry Hopped Sour

  10. [D] Red Racer Copper Ale
  11. [B+] The Toques of Hazzard Imperial White IPA
  12. [C+] Getoff Maibock
  13. [B] Mr. Needles Fir Pale Ale
  14. [B] Red Racer Super Sonic IPA
  15. [C+] Ugly Sweater Milk Stout
  16. [B+] Red Racer IPA
  17. [B-] Psychopz India Pale Lager

  18. [A-] Gary’s Gourd Imperial & Barrel Aged Squash Ale

  19. [C] Please Sir S’more Stout
  20. [B+] Red Racer Imperial IPA
  21. [B] Sahti Claws Finnish Sahti
  22. [B+] Thor’s Hammer Barley Wine Bourbon Barrel Aged
  23. [C+] Vow of Silence Whiskey Barrel Aged Belgian Strong

  24. [A-] Jitter Buzz Imperial Coffee Stout

-Thanks for reading and hope to everyone had a fantastic 2015! Welcome 2016!