Cherysh Cherry Rosé 2008 – Forbidden Fruit Winery (Cawston, BC, Canada)

  • My Rating: [C]

Cherysh Cherry Rosé 2008 (fruit wine) – Forbidden Fruit Winery, 11.5% ABV, 750 ml., (Cawston, BC, Canada) (*local BC fruit wine*)

on the back label:

“Our CHERYSH ROSÉ is lovingly hand crafted from tree ripened Stella cherries grown and harvested in the pristine Similkameen Valley. With their superb flavours and sweetness, Stella cherries are a perfect choice for this exceptional wine.

Known throughout the ages as the fruit of love, flushed red with pleasure or with shame, Cherysh is a delicate Rosé colour with rich cherry aromas. With a hint of sweetness in its soft clean finish and a creamy cherry flavour on the palate, this Rosé pairs with seafood and spicy dishes or served as an aperitif.”


  • Style: (table wine – Cherry) Fruit Wine
  • Taste: Tangy controlled acidic fruity light-med body cherry short length
  • Where I got it : Liquor Depot / N. Burnaby
  • How much: $20 CAD – 650 ml., sometime in 2010
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to fruit wine aficionados:

Visual: (2008 vintage, cellared for 9 years). Cork intact & good condition. Pours clear light scarlet red, a few bubbles along the perimeter.

Nose: bright fruity juicy cherry, tangy tart depth (lvl-9)-pungency

Attack: acidic-tart, fruity impression

Mid-palate: light-medium cherry body, short length, medium tangy-light tart, fruity crisp acidity, (lvl-2-sweetness)

Finish: residual tanginess, flat flavour finish, mild woody cherry stem exhale

Summary: Overall it is skewed toward the tangy acidic side, with the cherry body falling short during the mids until the finish. It has decent authentic cherry flavour but overall it’s just an average drinking experience.