Schieve Tabarnak – Le Trou du Diable (Shawinigan, QC, Canada)

Schieve Tabarnak – Le Trou du Diable & Brasserie de la Senne Collaboration, 5% ABV, 600ml., (Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada)

on the back label:

“The Schieve Tabarnak! is a light, hazy blonde beer with greenish highlights. Brewed with rye and a selection of atypical hops, it has a very floral scent reminiscent of roses with a fruity aroma which culminates into a very long finish, leaving the drinker wanting for more. This collaboration with Brasserie de la Senne gets the first part of the name stems from a Brussel curse word (Schieven architeckt!, meaning twisted architect). The Quebec curse word of course speaks for itself…”

Ingredients: water, malted barley, rye hops, yeast.


  • Style: Belgian Ale
  • Taste: complete sweet banana fruity sour tangy bitter finish
  • Where I got it : High Point / Vancouver
  • How much: $7.50 (after 20% off) – 600ml., October 2016
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: 50/50

Visual: (Their own bottle for their brewery, raised lettering and devil on the bottom, odd size 600ml). (Cellared for 1 year). Pours golden straw yellow with a ridiculously massive initial 90% head, thick retention, a plethora of singular tight streams.

Nose: sweet thick banana wheat malt (though no wheat) with floral nuances. (lvl-7)-pungency

Attack: crisp, sweet-sour impression

Mid-palate: sour-tangy undertones, (lvl-3-sweetness), ripe banana, controlled soft pukiness, pineapple-lemon curd

Finish: wheat malt exhale, stealth subtle hopped bitterness

Summary: A complete balance of sweet, sour, tangy, fruity, malty AND bitter. Great complexity and drinkability. Recommended.