Blanche de Namur Rosée (Belgium)

3.5%ABV, 330ml

Rating: C (2.7)

Where: Kinokuniya Shinagawa , ¥648

Visual: Pours pale Rosée pink with a decently large dissipating head, 1cm retention, spread out active streams. (4/5)

Nose: watery raspberry aroma, fruity berry wheat malt. Slightly candied. (7/10), 7-pungency 

Attack : crisp bite, watery juicy 

Mid: raspberry-watermelon, fizzy, subtle wheat malt

Finish: palate rough tartness, berry exhale.

Summary: the fruity raspberry flavour is decent but I’m not liking the finish or diluted depth. It tastes like a cocktail that has been sitting on ice for way too long.