Beechwood Smoked Honey Doppelbock – Steel & Oak Brewing Co. (New Westminster, BC, Canada)

Beechwood Smoked Honey Doppelbock – Steel & Oak Brewing Company, 7.9% ABV – 20 IBU, 650ml., (New Westminster, BC, Canada) (*local BC craft beer)

on the front-right label:

Honey and Beechwood Smoked Malt add further depth to this already complex strong German style lager. The Steel & Oak Smoked Honey Doppelbock is best enjoyed while seated in a leather chair with your feet up on a rich mahogany coffee table.


  • Style: (flavoured – BC organic honey, beechwood smoked) Doppelbock
  • Taste: Heavy barley malt forward sweet honey smoked woody
  • Where I got it : Bottle Jockey / N.Bby
  • How much: $6.95 CAD (after 12.5% off) – 650ml., November 2015
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: good stuff

Visual: Pours clear orange copper with a small 1cm dissipating head, fine micro CO2 ringed retention and spotty island retention, loose clusters of micro steady streams.

Nose: metallic honey, sweet toasty barley malt with just a hint of smoke (lvl-5)-pungency

Attack: thicker-crisp bite-slick, alcohol presence

Mid-palate: micro CO2 entry, toasty caramelized barley malt, (lvl-6-sweetness), alcoholic heavy, honey, subtle hops

Finish: woody residual barley malts, smoky exhale

Summary: A very smoothly crafted and balanced brew of sweet honeyed barley malt with just enough smoke and hops in the mids to finish. All flavours are there as advertised; the ABV is quite well-hidden and hits stealth. 2/3 through it drinks predictable – the mids could could use more body and depth. Pleasantly sipped.