Ace of Hokkaido Single Hop Golden Ale – Central City Brewing (Surrey, BC, Canada)


Ace of Hokkaido Single hop/Sorachi Ace Golden Ale – Central City Brewers + Distillers, 5% ABV, 650ml, (Surrey, BC, Canada) (*local BC craft beer)

on the front-left label:

“Roaming the mountains of Hokkaido’s Sorachi region, the Ace of Hokkaido fearlessly protects those in need. In masked anonymity, a black shitago and sheathed odachi mark the distinctive silhouette that sinks into the darkness of night. The Ace of Hokkaido is the vigilante guardian watching over the villages of Sorachi.”


  • Style: (Single Hop – Sorachi Ace) Golden Ale
  • Taste: Composed sweet citrus liquid barley malt numbing bitter hop subtle dill
  • Where I got it : BC Liquor Stores
  • How much: $6.30 CAD (10% off) – 650ml., May 2016
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: I’ve had more distinct single hopped

Visual: Pours clear golden orange without too much head, thin hazy layer of retention.

Nose: sweet clean liquid barley malt. (lvl-3)-pungency

Attack: crisp-light fizzy, subdued background incoming bitter hops

Mid-palate: (lvl-4-sweetness), medium bright orange/lemon citrus undertones, liquid barley malt

Finish: somewhat metallic, numbing soft hoppy bitter, almost salty dill exhale.

Summary: Not really “in your face” dill and lemons flavours as advertised, but rather subtle and composed. Okay, but the brew didn’t exactly make a Sorachi Ace statement.