The Craft BeerAdvent 2014 Calendar Summary


The Craft BeerAdvent 2014 Calendar Summary

-It’s a shame British Columbians were not able purchase the 2015 calendar anywhere in the province since the 2014 had a very nice range of international beers and styles. They will in all likelyhood get things sorted out this year though; It’s something I’m looking forward to as the Phillips and CC/P49 calendars tend to reuse about 50% of their brews from the previous year (I checked).

For the 2014 calendar, there was only 1 Notable, many good showings (B’s), and thankfully no stinkers.

[ 1 x A- ], [ 4 x B+], [ 4 x B], [ 2 x B-], [ 6 x C+], [ 7 x C]

  1. wpid-20141211_211734.jpg [C] Tindved – Nøgne Ø (Norway)
  2. wpid-img_20141223_190106.jpg [B] Hippaheikki Teerenpeli Extra Special Bitter – Teerenpeli Brewery (Finland)
  3. wpid-img_20150102_002804.jpg [B+] Chateau Civrac Old Ale – Penpont Brewery (UK)
  4. wpid-img_20150106_031139.jpg [A-] Hop Blanc White IPA – Peak Organic Brewing Co. (Portland, USA)
  5. wpid-img_20150130_004714.jpg [B+] Krampus Speciale – Birrificio del Ducato (Italy)
  6. wpid-img_20150205_015414.jpg [B] Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack (IPA) – Bridge Road Brewers (Australia)
  7. wpid-img_20150211_012129.jpg [C] Anzus IPA – Croucher Brewing Company (New Zealand)
  8. wpid-img_20150219_025043.jpg [C+] Weltenburger Kloster Anno 1050 (Amber Lager) – Klosterbrauerei Weltenburg (Germany)
  9. wpid-img_20150331_013953.jpg [C] Cucapá Honey – Cervecería Cucapá (Mexico)
  10. wpid-img_20150412_052704.jpg [B] Gæðingur Stout  – Gæðingur Brugghús (Iceland)
  11. wpid-img_20150416_012929.jpg [C+] Wäls Tropical Christmas Saison – Cervejaria Wäls (Brazil)
  12. wpid-img_20151117_223855.jpg [B] Biere de Noël – Big Sky Brewing (Montana, USA)
  13. wpid-img_20151124_025023.jpg [C+] Blackfriar Scotch Ale – Invernalmond Brewery (Scotland)
  14. img_20151130_020721.jpg [B-] Imperial Schwarze Gams – Privatbrauerei Loncium (Austria)
  15. img_20160115_010558.jpg [C] Karoo Red – Porcupine Quill Brewing Co. (South Africa)
  16. img_20160123_022631.jpg [C+] Oud Beersel Bersalis Kadet – Oud Beersel Brouwerij (Belgium)
  17. img_20160123_043518.jpg [B-] Marmalade Porter – Wold Top Brewery (England)
  18. img_20160124_220841.jpg [C+] Jeune Gueule Weïti – Brasserie Guyanaise (French Guiana)
  19. img_20160125_013807.jpg [C] Winterporter – Browerij de Molen (Netherlands)
  20. img_20160126_025027.jpg [C+] Colorado Vixnu Imperial IPA – Cervejaria Colorado (Brazil)
  21. img_20160127_002259.jpg [C] Fürst Wallerstein Winter-Böckle – Fürst Wallerstein Brauhaus (Germany)
  22. img_20160128_011930.jpg [B+] Rooie Dop Final Countdown Winter Saison – Brewed at Brouwerij de Molen (Netherlands)
  23. img_20160128_021358.jpg [B+] God Advent – Nøgne Ø (Netherlands)
  24. img_20160128_060507.jpg [C] Entendez Noel Belgian Style Pale Quadrupel – Sound Brewery (Washington, USA)