Phillips Snowcase 2015 Calendar Summary


Phillips Snowcase 2015 Calendar Summary:

-Compared to the Central City / Parallel 49 Calendar, Phillips had ZERO notables (A- or better) and 2 stinkers (D+ or below), whereas CC/P49 had 3 noteworthies and 1 stinker. I still have yet to finish both 2014 calendars to see how many unique brews there were in the 2015 edition. Stay tuned.

  1. [C] Anxiety Ale
  2. [C] Analogue 78 B Side Kolsch
  3. [B-] Apteryx IPA
  4. [B-] Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout
  5. [C] One & Only Saison
  6. [C] Slipstream Ale
  7. [C+] Twisted Oak Stillage Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale
  8. [B] Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale
  9. [C] Old Pappy’s Smooth Sailin’ Amber Lager
  10. [B+] Schottleweizen
  11. [C+] Rural Brewer Brown Brew
  12. [B-] Trainwreck Barley Wine 2015
  13. [C] Hop Circle IPA
  14. [C+] Phillips Wit Beer
  15. [D+] Elsinore (Lager)
  16. [B-] Polaris Milk Stout
  17. [C+] Forbidden Fruit Apple Ale
  18. [D+] Blue Buck (English Pale Ale)
  19. [B-] Coulrophobia India Red Ale
  20. [B+] The Hammer (Bourbon) Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  21. [B] Amnesiac Double IPA
  22. [B] Siddhartha
  23. [B+] Barrel-Aged Puzzler Black IPA
  24. [C+] krampusnacht