Phillips Snowcase 2015 Day #4 – Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout (re-tasting)


Phillips Snowcase 2015 Calendar Day #4

  • My Rating: [B-, downgraded from B],  I gave it a (3.3 of 5) on

Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout – Phillips Brewing, 8.0% ABV – 341ml., (Victoria, BC, Canada)

-I had this one just 2 weeks ago as part of the 2014 Snowcase Calendar. IRC I liked it.

on the front-right label:

Anubis is your guide through the dark depths of this Java laden journey, featuring a deep black coffee crema and an intensely rich & roasted character. Methodically crafted with only the best espresso, this one-eyed jackal is no wild card.

  • Style: (Coffee) Flavoured Imperial Stout
  • Taste: Burnt coffee cola soy malt dark chocolate bitter
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: nah

(2015-11-19 tasting): Visual: Pours jet black with a very small disappearing head, thin hazy micro retention. Nose: sweet malty burnt roasted coffee. (lvl-10)-pungency. Attack: slick-fizzy-tingly. Mid-palate: more bubbly mouthfeel, (MAIN) roasted coffee, caramel malts, cola, hints of vanilla -> (lvl-6)-sweetness. Finish: subdued sour, light roast, chocolate malt burnt bittersweet. Summary: Decent flavours, enjoyable. It feels a bit lacking in boldness; the mids end too quickly.

[December 6, 2015 re-tasting]:

Nose: aromatic freshly roasted coffee beans, light coffee acidity. (lvl-8)-pungency

Attack: slick-half oily, crisp, incoming malts

Mid-palate: watery mouthfeel, (lvl-5)-sweetness, medium sourness, (MAIN) burnt roasted coffee, cola, brown sugar malts

Finish: soy sauce, dark chocolate bitterness.

Summary: The second time around it feels like it needs more body and creaminess in the mids. Also not particularly liking the coffee sourness. Downgraded from 3.5 rating.