London Dry Gin Round 4 – Bulldog (Champ) VS Tanqueray No. 10 (Challenger)


Welcome to another round of the Gin VS battle, today, Round 4. Tanqueray 10 is known for have a more robust presence in cocktails due to its higher than usual ABV. Let’s duel!


1) Bulldog London Dry Gin – 40% ABV – 750ml, (Lawrenceburg, IN, USA), ~$43 CAD @ Newport Village

  • Came into the market in 2007. (homepage)
  • 12 botanicals from 8 countries: Italian Juniper, German angelica, coriander seeds, Chinese licorice, Spanish almonds, Italian orris root, Seville lemons, CHINESE DRAGON EYE (longan), TURKISH WHITE POPPY SEEDS, ASIAN LOTUS LEAVES, ASIAN CASSIA, FRENCH LAVENDER. (differing ingredients in bold)
  • 90-95 points rated by Paul Pacult, Wine Enthusiast Magazine; Restaurant Magazine’s 2008 Spirit of the Year.


2) Tanqueray No. 10 London Dry Gin – 47.3% ABV – 750ml, Diageo (London, but distilled in Scotland), $46 CAD @ BC Liquor Stores

  • the name No.10 comes from their “Still No.10”, aka known as “Tiny Ten”
  • recipe contains at least: Tuscan juniper, angelica root, coriander, and licorice.
  • recipe also includes use of fresh citrus fruits, including: white grapefruit, lime, orange, as well as chamomile flowers.


Nose: This time, Bulldog’s nosing includes a mix of juniper and citrus. The burn isn’t so bad, it comes after the initial bright flavours that come forward. In comparison, No.10 is much more juicy in its citrus profile, exhibiting lots of lime and grapefruit, as well as juniper. Nasal burn jumps out much sharper and right off the bat. Aromawise, No.10 wins hands down; it’s bolder and brighter.

Taste & Texture: Bulldog starts of thick and sweet, juniper creeping up in the mids, finishing fruity yet spicy showcasing the longan. No.10 feels much thinner in comparison, but bursting with immediate assault of grapefruit peel oil mixed with milder orange and then lime oils in the exhale. Alcoholic heat and burn are apparent from the start but offset by the juicy citrus. Alcohol burn is much more apparent than the Bulldog as expected. No.10 has my vote, it grabs you attention from start to finish.

Final Notes:

  • Bulldog’s flavour is a lot more subdued and light in comparison
  • No.10 has the biggest grapefruit citrus taste I’ve ever had in a gin, great for cocktails
  • Although Bulldog is smoother as a sipper (but who sips gin?), No.10 has that robust citrus flavour you just can’t ignore, albeit with a harsher alcohol burn.

Extra: Tanqueray VS Tanqueray No.10: Normal Tanqueray is mellow in comparision. Juniper and pine flavours particularly stick out. No.10 is a lot more aggressive in flavour and heat, but the finish and flavour last much longer. No.10 all the way. Also because No.10, Beefeater and Bulldog exist I’d stock them instead.


WINNER = Tanqueray N.10 (new Round 4 winner!)