Rampant Imperial IPA – New Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins, CO, USA)


Rampant Imperial IPA – New Belgium Brewing, 8.5% ABV, 1 pt. 6 fl.oz., (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)

on the front-right label:

“That craving for hops starts to take over in this RAMPANT Imperial IPA proliferating with heavy peach tones, herbal sweetness and aromatic complexity.”

  • Style: Imperial India Pale Ale
  • Taste: Grassy tangy fruity peach toffee malt hopped bitter alcoholic
  • Where I got it: BC Liquor Stores
  • How much: $6.50 – 1 pt. 6 fl.oz., July 2015
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: still better out there

Visual: Pours clear golden orange with a decent foamy head, thin hazy-murky layer of retention, lots of active streams.

Nose: vibrant green hop cones. (lvl-4)-pungency

Attack: thick-slick, micro-fizzy, grassy subdued hop entry

Mid-palate: tangy, (MAIN) zingy herbacious hops, peach tones, toffee barley malt, -> sustained (lvl-5)-sweetness, alcohol bitterness

Finish: soft lingering-compounding bitter hops, fruity malt exhale.

Summary: ABV is rather stealth in this one, clean entry and exit for an IIPA. Very grassy-floral forward, dissipating peachy malt mids. Decent but could use more fullness/roundness, especially at the finish.