Mojito Pilsner – Storm Brewing (Vancouver, BC, Canada)


Mojito Pilsner – Storm Brewing, 5% ABV – 1L., (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

-Another one of their crazy one-off brainstorms! Who doesn’t like mojitos? Add it to beer and you’re sure to get something special. Here goes…

  • Style: (mint, lime) Flavoured Lager
  • Taste: Lime sweet malt cinnamon subtle mint soft bitter hops
  • How much: $8 – 1L, bring your own bottle (March, 2015)
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: yes

Visual: (growler fill) Pours light hazy pale orange with a small head, thin lacing, very thin ringed micro retention, not that many but steady micro streams.

Nose: fragrant lime oil, smells like fresh squeezed. Mojito indeed. (lvl-6)-pungency

Attack: a burst of lime oil, very crisp

Mid-palate: (lvl-5)-sweetness, (MAIN) lime, cinnamon, caramel malt, hopped bitterness,

Finish: soft mint, lingering soft bitter hops, gentle sweet malt finish.

Summary: Because of this beer I just had a revelation that lime peel and barley malt together brings out the “cinnamon” flavour to palate; It’s both interesting and intriguing. A very drinkable and easy-going beer, though not particularly full-bodied.