Spiced Rum Round 1 – Captain Morgan Original Spiced VS Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy


The first bottle-vs-bottle this year, let’s get more in that we did last year! Here’s one that I’ve been curious about, spiced rums. Because every distillery has their own secret blend of spices, I’d like to find out which brand I prefer in addition to evaluating their base product.


1) Original Spiced Rum – Captain Morgain (Diagio),35% ABV – 750ml, (Global), $29 CAD @ BCLiquor Stores


  • lower ABV at 35%
  • blend of Caribbean and Canadian rum
  • lighter in colour, aged in oak barrels for up to 1 year. Caribbean spices used (wiki)

2) Spiced Navy Rum – Sailor Jerry Ltd., 46% ABV – 750ml, (Edison, New Jersey, USA), $31 CAD @ BCLiquor Stores


  • company founded by Ed Hardy and Mike Malone, protégés of tattoo artist Norman Keith Collins, whom is also known as Sailor Jerry
  • Caribbean rum with spice, caramel, and other natural flavours



  • Captain Morgan (CM) consists primarily of vanilla and augmented by caramel’d cola/root beer notes. Low-med alcohol detection.
  • Sailor Jerry (SJ) has a much meatier molasses-caramel character but much more aggressive nasal burn alcohol detection, no doubt due to its higher ABV.
  • CM = mellow vanilla BM = nasal burn thick caramel. CM for ease of mixing due to less alcohol detection.

Taste & Texture:

  • CM is very thin on the palate, just slightly thicker than water and with a bit of oil. The Captain brings forth a lot of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and light caramel backbone. Alcoholic heat is on the high end and goes down to the throat, leaving the top and sides of the tongue medium numb.
  • The Sailor is definitely thicker. Almost immediate tongue numbness after the initial few seconds, caramel, nutmeg, sharp alcoholic heat, intense throat numbness, vanilla-caramel exhale.
  • CM = light-bodied vanilla smooth, SJ = alcoholic heat/throat burn, big caramel+vanilla

In a Rum & Coke

  • Captain & Coke is very smooth with mildly enhanced sweetness, cane sugar, lime juice profile.
  • Jerry & Coke is not quite a smooth but with more malty caramel, lime peel bitterness, and light alcohol hit in the finish.


Final Notes:

  • Captain Morgan for a smoother, sweeter, stealthier cocktail.
  • Sailor Jerry for a richer, caramel, alcoholic beverage.
  • Neither as sippers. CM too light. SJ too rough.

WINNER = Captain Morgan (based on Rum & Coke mixability)