Cinder Cone Red Ale – Deschutes Brewery (Bend, OR, USA)


Cinder Cone Red Ale – Deschutes Brewery, 5.3% ABV – 22oz., (Bend, Oregon, USA)

  • Style: Amber Ale
  • Taste: caramel barley malt soft bitter hopped
  • Where I got it : BC Liquor Stores
  • How much: $5 – 22oz., November 2014
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: 50/50

Visual: Pours copper reddish brown with a small creamy head, well sticky lacing, a very thin layer of micro retention, several slow singular streams.

Nose: sweet honey/barley malts, mild hoppy backdrop. (lvl-5)-pungency

Attack: crisp-sweet-hopped balance

Mid-palate: (lvl-5)-sweetness, fizzy-tingly, (MAIN) barley malt, soft-prominent hopped bitterness, caramel, subtle roast.

Finish: lingering bitter hops, light caramel-bitter hopped finish.

Summary: A crisp, semi-malty, semi-sweet but hop-dominant beer. Very drinkable with a meal or alone, although a bit tiring on the palate.