Texas Ranger – Mikkeller (Copenhagen, Denmark)


  • My Rating: B

Texas Ranger – Mikkeller, 6.6% ABV – 330ml., (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Ingredients: vand, malt (smoked, maris otter, caracrystal, brown og chocolate), ristet byg, humle (zeus, saaz og centennial), gaer og chipotle chili.

  • Style: (chipotle, smoked) Spiced Porter
  • Taste: Spicy smoked burnt malts
  • Where I got it : Sherbrooke (Edmonton)
  • How much: $5 (after 10% off) – 330ml., June 2012
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: I’d like to try the other barrel-aged iterations
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: definitely

Visual: Plain classy label, Mikkeller style. Pours ultra dark brown, smallish creamy head, decent ringed retention, sticky lacing, some minute streams along the perimeter.

Nose: deep, dark caramel malty sweetness, mild oyster fishiness (7/10-pungency)

Attack: incoming crisp sweet-sourness

Mid-palate: syrupy mouthfeel, (6/10)-bittersweetness, medium sour-brightness, (MAIN) smoked malts, burntness, caramel, coffee

Finish: smoked chipotle spicy kick, malty bittersweet-lingering medium spicy finish.

Summary: Although I’ve had the barrel-aged Speyside edition, sadly I don’t remember it at all. It must have been better than this one, which is already decent. The burntness of the malts is a bit too aggressive after awhile. Much better than The Whistler Chief Chipotle Ale.