Dominus Vobiscum Saison – Microbrasserie Charlevoix (Quebec, Canada)


  • My Rating: A-

Dominus Vobiscum Saison – Microbrasserie Charlevoix, 6% ABV – 750ml., 35 IBUs, (Baie-St-Paul, Quebec, Canada)

printed on the back of the bottle:

“This refreshing copper-colored Saison is a bottled summer breeze waiting to be unleashed upon any season. Its invigorating hop aromas waft within a dry mouthfeel, itself imbued with elegant fruitiness.”

  • Style: Saison
  • Taste: Smooth and refreshing sour-tangy spiced wheat malts
  • Where I got it : Sherbrooke Liquor Store
  • How much: $11 (after 10% off) – 750ml., June 2012
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: probably yes
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: yes!

Visual: Bottled in a noticeabley heftier and higher quality bottle than other North American microbrews. Pours opulent amber copper with a fantastically large and lasting foamy head, and a torrent of CO2 activity, runny lacing.

Nose: Grassy with bright citrus wheat malts. (6/10-pungency)

Attack: incoming crisp bite, creamy-foamy mouthfeel

Mid-palate: continued creaminess, mild sour/light tangy, (MAIN) sweet wheat malts, yeast/grass (HINT) pink grapefruit, pepper, bitter peel

Finish: softly bitter hopped fruit-malt finish. (supremely clean)

Summary: This beer has a great balance of texture, palate sensation, taste, and body. Another good brew in addition to the Brut I’ve tried of theirs.