Saison – St Feuillien (Le Roeulx, Belgium)


  • My Rating: B-

Saison Belgian Farmhouse Ale – St Feuillien, 6.5% ABV – 75cl, (La Roeulx, Belgium)

On the back label:

“St-Feuillien’s Saison is what the Belgians call a beer of the terroir, a traditional farmhouse ale with all the rich savour of the fertile land of southern Belgium. Saison, a warm golden blonde beer, is a top-fermented classique. Thanks to secondary fermentation in the bottle, Saison has an unmistakable flavour full of rich nuances and a slight tang.”

Ingredients: brewwater, barley malt, sugar, hop, yeast, VITAMIN C. (that’s a first I’ve seen for a beer)

  • Style: Saison
  • Taste: creamy/tangy -> honey/yeast malts/lemon/coriander -> grapefruit bitter hoppy/citrus malt finish.
  • Where I got it : Brewery Creek
  • How much: $9 (after 10% off) – 750ml., September 2013
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: yes

Visual: Poppable cork secured with an aluminum twisty muzzle. Lots of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Pours hazy light marmalade orange with a super lasting ultra foamy head, lots of activity, sticky lacing.

Nose: Bright golden malts with a nice hit of honeyed chamomile. (6)-aromatic strength.

Attack: incoming rich bitter hoppiness, cream/fizzy mouthfeel

Mid-palate: (6)-tangy/zingy, (MAIN) honey, yeasty malts, lemon zest (HINT) coriander, chamomile

Finish: (3)-soft/subtle grapefruit bitter hops, mildly dry light citrus malt finish.

Summary: An expert balance of booze-tang-body-texture-drinkablity. Very appetizing and recommended. (Note: numbers above are on a 10-point weak-strong scale)