Hillside Muscat Ottonel (Pentiction, BC, Canada)


  • My Rating: D+

Muscat Ottonel 2011 – Hillside Winery, 11.5% ABV, 750ml, (Pentiction, BC, Canada)

on the back label:

“Made from 100% Muscat Ottonel from mature vines grown on our estate, this wine has developed a cult following. Moderate summer temperatures and a long season produced grapes of true varietal expression. This wine has lovely floral aromas and hints of spice that pair beautifully with Asian food, picnics and fresh air! 781 cases.”


  • Style: (white wine) Muscat Ottonel (wiki)
  • Taste Profile: acidic/sour -> sour apple/lemon/lime -> alcohol/tart/dry fruity sour finish.
  • Where I got it : Legacy Liquor
  • How much: $23 – 750ml (after 10% off), May 2012
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to wine aficionados: no

Visual: It’s my first time this varietal, which I’m hoping I will like since it is part of the Muscat family which I love so dearly. Aluminum screw-cap top. Pours very light golden yellow, clear as water.

Nose: Light apple juice, sweet minerality, a bit of peach and melon in there. (4)-aromatic strength.

Attack: intrusive sourness

Mid-palate: (8)-strong acidity, (4)-salty (MAIN) green apple, (HINT) lemon, lime

Finish: alcohol detection (vodka-like), (8)-very tart, almost dry fruity sour-tart finish

Summary:  It has body and carry, but I don’t like the powerful acidity, alcohol detection, and lack of sweetness. Average at best, but the more I drink the less I like it. (Note: all numbers above are on a 10-point scale, with 1 being weak and 10 being the strongest)