Birra Fresca Cucumber Mint IPA – R&B Brewing (Vancouver, BC, Canada)


  • My Rating: D+

Birra Fresca Cucumber Mint IPA – R&B Brewing, 6% ABV, 650ml, (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

on the R&B Brewing website: (link may no longer be valid as this is a seasonal beer)

“Birra Fresca Cucumber Mint IPA is named after agua fresca (“fresh water”), flavoured water and sugar drinks that are found throughout Mexico and other Central American and Caribbean countries. One popular version contains cucumber and mint, and according to the brewery, ‘the thought was that the cucumber mint IPA would be just as refreshing, if not more so.'”

Based on R&B’s Hoppelganger IPA, Birra Fresca is a 6% abv and 50 IBU IPA made using more than 200 organic cucumbers that were sourced locally along with the mint, (50 IBU, 6% ABV)

  • Style: (cucumber & mint) Flavoured IPA
  • Taste Profile: creamy crispness -> cucumber/spearmint/malty -> bitter hops/cucumber/rough bitter finish.
  • Where I got it : Firefly
  • How much: $7 (after 10% off), September 2013
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: no

Visual: Pours cloudy orange/brown with a very small head, sticky lacing, thin layer of micro CO2 retention, lots of activity.

Nose: fragrant grated cucumber and smashed mint (9/10-aromatic strength)

Attack: creamy/light fizzy mouthfeel, crispness

Mid-palate: (MAIN) cucumber, spearmint, malty (6/10-sweetness)

Finish: bitter hops, lingering cucumber, roughish palate finish mixed with vegetative bitterness.

Summary: Although I appreciated the effort and unique flavour combination, this one literally left a bad taste in my mouth. The finish is far too rough in a bitter way and the taste and texture themselves aren’t refined at all. Not worth satisfying your curiosity.