La Frenz Rosé 2009 (Canada)


La Frenz Rosé 2009, 12.0% ABV – 750ml, (Penticton, BC, Canada)

from the La Frenz website:

“This dark salmon pink rosé is brimming with a kaleidoscope of red fruits including freshly picked strawberries and cranberries. Enjoy chilled with salmon and fresh summer salads.”

  • Style: (Vintage) Rosé
  • My Rating: C+
  • Taste Profile: fruity strawberry/acidity -> herbacious cranberry/tart/sour -> warm alcoholic finish.
  • Where I got it: Direct website order
  • How much: $18, Aug 2010
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to rosé wine aficionados: no

Tasting notes: pours light cranberry red with a pinkish hue. Alcoholic sour strawberries on the nose. Drinks with the fruity strawberries as advertised, 6/10-acidic sourness, light herbaciousness, cranberry aroma and 7/10-tartness, 3-10/sweetness, finishing with a lingering tart/sour off-dry, warm alcoholic finish. Medium complexity, med depth, good transitions, decent drinkability. An easy-going wine.