Sorachi Ace – Brooklyn Brewery (NY, USA)

Sorachi Ace – Brooklyn Brewery,7.6% ABV – 1pt 9.4fl.oz., (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

On the back label:

“Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a classic saison, a cracklingly dry, hoppy unfiltered golden farmhouse ale, but featuring rare Sorachi Ace hop. Fermented with our special Belgian ale strain, we add Sorachi Ace hops post-fermentation. After 100% bottle re-fermentation with Champagne yeast, the beer emerges with a bright spicy lemon zest aroma. It tastes like sunshine in a glass, and that suits us just fine, especially with seafood dishes and fresh cheeses.”

  • Style: Saison
  • My Rating: A-
  • Why I like it: super smooth creamy ale
  • Where I got it: Brewery Creek
  • How much: $12 (after 10%), 2011
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: maybe, with friends
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: def yes

Tasting notes: pours clear mellow yellow with a thick foamy creamy head, very nice clustered fast-moving champagne CO2 streams. Very nice aromatic tangerine oils on the nose. Super velvety mouthfeel, tastes of smoothtangerine, medium sweetness (5/10), light and soft hoppiness, coriander, finishes mildly tangy and off-dry soft bitter. Medium complexity, med-high carry, excellent transitions, great carry, fabulous drinkability. The creamy velvety mouthfeel is 2nd to none.