Belgian-style Pale Ale – Ommegang (USA)

Belgian-style Pale Ale (BPA) – Ommegang, 6.2% ABV – 1 PT 9.4 fl.oz., (Cooperstown, NY, USA)

On the side label:

“This fine pale ale offers citrus and tropical fruit aromatics coming from a well balanced – yet ample – hop character. It uses our own Belgian yeast, five malts, two hops, and plenty of patience. Finishing touches include dry-hopping with Cascade hops, and warm-cellaring.”

  • My Rating: C-
  • Why I it’s okay: very aggressive dry & hoppy finish
  • Where I got it: Brewery Creek
  • How much: ~$10, Jan/2012
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: no
  • Would I recommend this to beer aficionados: yes

Tasting notes: pours translucent beer bottle orange with a large thick foamy-creamy head, lots of active CO2 streams. Inviting orange/tangerine citrus on the nose. Ultra creamy mouthfeel, sharp sweetness (8/10) up front, tastes of grapefruit peel, medium malts, caramel, and quickly transitions in a very aggressive dry & hoppy finish which tires out my palate too quickly. Medium complexity, medium depth, okay transitions, good carry, okay drinkability. 1/4 through and my palate is exhausted.