Tessier’s Witbier – Buckerfield’s Brewery (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Tessier’s Witbier – Buckerfield’s Brewery Swans Hotel & Brewpub, 5% ABV, (Victoria, BC, Canada)

-brewed with wheat and spices

My Notes:

  • My Rating: C+
  • Why I like it: refreshing apple-cider like flavour
  • Where I got it: Brewery Creek (?)
  • How much: ~$6, 650ml
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: No
  • Would I recommend this to beer afficianados: No

Tasting Notes: pours golden yellow, very nice thick foamy head, good thick retention, lots of sticky lacing, lots of active CO2 streams. Filtered apple juice from concentrate on the nose. 4/10-sweetness level, notes of Sun-rype apple juice, sharp fizzy CO2, light malt, coriander, and ends with a soft dry bitter finish. Medium complexity, light-medium depth, okay carry, good length, good drinkability. Drinks like a hybrid apple-cider/wheat beer. Unique experience for me but failed to wow.