Sitka Mountain-ash Berry Wine – Kermode Winery (Dewdney, BC, Canada)

Sitka Mountain-ash Berry Wine – Kermode Wild Berry Wines, 12% ABV (Dewdney, BC)

On the back label:

“Sure to arouse your olfactory senses this unique off-dry wine is delightful. As these Mountain-ash berries ripen on BC’s coastal ranges in mid September the air fills with their luxurious scent. The harvesters then climb to elevations of up to 4500 ft where they find the land rich with these aromatic berries reminiscent of fluorescent pink pearls, a blessed reward for the long ascent. This wine is fermented to a unique amber color with pink hues and perfumed aromas topped with hints of cinnamon and maraschino cherry. In Europe Mountain-ash is known as Rowanberry.”

My Notes:

  • My Rating: C+
  • Why I like it: tart fruit and mild cinnamon
  • Where I got it: Liquor Depot (Cambie st.)
  • How much: $25, 750ml
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: No
  • Would I recommend this to fruit wine afficianados: Yes only if you want to taste a unique flavour

Tasting Notes: pours translucent blood red, no sediment. Musky wild green vines on the nose. Tastes of a hybrid cranberry/pomegranate with the tartness to match, also cinnamon and maraschino cherry (as advertised). 4/10-sweetness up front with an off-dry finish. Slightly watery mouthfeel and viscosity which ultimately amounts to a lack of depth. Unique flavour profile but one try is enough.