Aha Toro Diva Tequila (Mexico)

Aha Toro Diva – 100% Blue Agave tequila plata rosa – NOM 1079, 40% ABV, (Jalisco, Mexico)

Info from ahatoro.com:

  • agave plant grown for 10 YEARS ~6300ft. above sea level near the town of Arandas (next to the village Jesús María) in an ideal cold and semi-dry climate with 6-10 overcast weeks per year.
  • Jimadors harvest the piña (pineapple) with their COAS (hoe-like, with long-blade and long handle)
  • quartered piñas are then COOKED for 2 DAYS in their handmade brick ovens and allowed to REST
  • cooked piñas are then grinded and placed wooden tubs to ferment with natural yeast prepared with the same agave juices
  • distilled in COPPER STILLS, and then passes onto the RECTIFYING STILL (2x heating)
  • *** AHA TORO DIVA is aged for 2 MONTHS in MERLOT CASKS
  • bottled in unique HANDBLOW GLASSES with EMBOSSED LABELS

My Notes:

  • My Rating: C+
  • Why I like it: smoked salmon and slightly fruity, unique
  • Where I got it: BC Liquor stores
  • How much: $90, 750ml
  • Would I ever buy another bottle to sip? No
  • Would I recommend this to tequila afficianados: Yes if you haven’t tried it before

Tasting Notes (straight, 5 minutes of airing): pours with a very light yellow-orange-pink hue, very clear, fast moving runny legs leaving raindrops on the walls. Some peaty smoke on the nose, oak, agave nectar, slight tingly alcoholic burn tickling the nose, and smoked salmon (!). Drinks with 5/10 sweetness, red cherries, soft tingly and numbness in the mids, gentle nasal burn and long 8/10 warmth, minor spiciness near the finish. Sadly there’s this aspartame/sucralose “roughness” at the end that is off-putting.