Mass Extinction (Ice Barley Wine) – Phillips Brewing (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Mass Extinction (Ice Barley Wine) – Phillips Brewing, 12% ABV, (Victoria, BC, Canada)

On the label:

“Just like the dinosaurs this barley wine was ice-aged at glacial temperatures. Throughout the fermentacious period water underwent a chrystaline phase transition which distilled the remaining liquid into a naturally-sweetened nectar of caramel flavour. Being an archaealcohologist never tasted so good.”

My Notes:

  • My Rating: B-
  • Why I like: rich and very deep
  • Where I got it: Legacy Liquor
  • How much: $8, 341ml
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: No
  • Would I recommend this to beer afficianados: Yes

Tasting Notes: pours bottle dark brown, minimal head, very thin ringed retention, minimal thin lacing, barely visible streams. Strong coffee and caramel aromas on the nose. Lethal alcohol base (vodka-like) is apparent immediately and persists throughout, heavy bitter caramel in the mids, thick malts, 5/10 sweetness, slight mintyness, 3/10 coffee bitter finish. High depth, medium complexity, long length, good carry, okay transitions, okay drinkability. Surprisingly drinks okay for 12% ABV, not something I would drink again though.