Manhattan Cocktail



  • 2.5oz Bourbon or Rye (I used Rye)
  • 0.5oz Sweet Vermouth (Red, I used Rosso)
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 1 Maraschino cherry for garnish

Directions: Shake, double-strain and garnish

Rating: D (below average strong alcoholic classic cocktail, causes a gag reflex 1/4 through) (above recipe is NOT good, need at least 25% vermouth, see below)

What is happening to the ingredients: The spiciness, tip of tongue tingle, and warming effect of the rye is negated by the sweetness of the sweet vermouth, creating a more smoother drinking experience. The Angostura bitters adds a bitter finish to round out the drink. Can’t say I like this drink. I like the characteristics of the rye and the bitters by themselves. Individually tasting the sweet vermouth I can say that it is the culprit that is ruining the drink. Must retry with a different and NEWLY OPENED bottle of vermouth.

Re-tasted 7/14/2015 with IBA Official Recipe

  • 5cl rye whiskey
  • 2cl sweet vermouth
  • dash of angostura bitters
  • cherry garnish

Notes: This time I muddled 6 fresh Ranier cherries, shake & strain, garnish. Very smooth now with almost 50% vermouth; more spice, bitterness, and the alcohol comes last. Rating upgraded to C+. Here’s a fantastic article on how to make a good Manhattan.