Festina Pêche – Dogfish Head (Milton, DE, USA)

Festina Pêche – Dogfish Head brewery, 4.5% ABV, (Milton, DE, USA)

On the bottle:

“Festina pêche is a neo-Berliner style Weisse fermented with peach juice. This unique, tart and refreshing brew is so down with the dog days of summer.”

My Notes:

  • My Rating: D+
  • Why I like it: nah
  • Where I got it: W. 16th (W. Van)
  • How much: <$7 for 12 fl.oz. (360ml), Summer 2010 (bottled in 2009)
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: Nope
  • Would I recommend this to beer afficianados: Nope

Tasting Notes: pours cloudy lighty fleshy peach, minimal head, negligible retention, minimal ringed runny lacing, invisible CO2 streams. Mild Ceres peach juice on the nose. Ultra-tart up front, 7/10 lip-puckering sour mixed with a mellow yellow peach + semi-grapefruit body, and 25% barnyard awfulness, finishes 5/10 sweet and 8/10 tart. Low-medium complexity, low-medium depth, medium-bodied, so-so carry. Halfway through this I can confidently say I that I won’t particularly enjoy finishing it – but I will only out of non-wasting principle.