Four Play – Upright Brewing (Portland, OR, USA)

Four Play – Upright Brewing, 5% ABV, (Portland, Oregon)

“A Pinot barrel-aged sour ale with cherries”

My Notes:

  • My Rating: C+
  • Why I find it interesting: a much cleaner kriek than Belgians
  • Where I got it: W.16th
  • How much: $21 for 1pt 9.4fl oz (750ml), Summer 2011
  • Do I love this enough to drink it again: nah
  • Would I recommend this to beer afficianados: Yes

Tasting Notes: pours translucent orange marmalade with a quickly dissipating head, almost zero CO2 head retention, a few barely visible slow-moving CO2 streams. Sour cherries and a bit of barnyard on the nose. Very 9/10 sharp sour-mouth-puckering tart start, followed by soft morello cherries in the mid mixed with green apples, a bit of oak in the backend and exhale, but a partially rough “aspartame” finish at the back of the throat. Not as intensely punchy and barnyard as Belgian lambics and krieks – this is softer and mellower. Medium complexity, low-medium depth, medium bodied, medium carry. Can’t say I’ll ever go for another bottle but glad I tried it.