X.O. Beer, 5.5% ABV, France

-Biere aromatisee au Cognac X.O. (Beer: 97%, Cognac: 2% @40%ABV

On the back label:

“Created from a harmonious blend with beer and Cognac, X.O. BEER reveals a variety of genuine and elegant sensations. Under certain conditions, this beer may present a natural cloudiness, which is harmless and does not affect its quality.”

  • My Rating: C
  • Why I might like it: N/A
  • Who I recommend it to: N/A
  • Where I got it: Firefly
  • How much: <$5, Summer 2011

Tasting Notes: pours reddish brown, slightly cloudy, small head that dissipates, very little CO2 head retention, slippery lacing. A bit of cinnamon spice on the nose but not much. Burst of date/cherry/plum 5/10 sweetness up front, a bit of raisin, and then a mild bitter caramel finish. The body and end is quite thin and ends abruptly lacking a necessary follow-through. A bit of metallic aftertaste (steel). Medium complexity, short-med length, medium depth. One bottle is enough.