Glenfiddich 21YO (Scotland)

Glenfiddich 21 years old (NV), 40% ABV, (since 1887 – Dufftown, Banffshire, Scotland)

On the back label:

“This Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been finished in Caribbean rum casks to take on a rich toffee sweetness with notes of vanilla and hints of new leather. Casks are sampled routinely by the Malt Master and hand selected only once he is convinced the whisky has acquired a luxurious vibrancy, whilst retaining the unmistakeable character of Glenfiddich Single Malt. Genfiddich 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been awarded a gold medal by the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition.”

Essentially the same process as the Macallan 18 year old but:

  • Natural spring water from their Robbie Dhu springs
  • Use of casks (sherry, bourbon) that have only been used once (mellowed)
  • ~2% of alcohol is lost due to evaporation into the air through the porous barrels (aka “the Angels’ share”)
  • the only distillery to use wooden oak marrying tuns (2000L=30 casks) for up to 9 months of marrying
  • “Glenfiddich is the only Highland single malt distilled, matured and even bottled at its own distillery, using a single source of spring water throughout the process.” -from their website

Other notes:

  • Where I got it: Sobey’s @ Anthony Henday near 111
  • How much: ~$120 (after 10%), $7 per shot
  • Drinkability: Medium

Tasting Notes (Nov 14/2011)

Another bottle that I barely have any left, might as well finish it off and write up some notes. Definitely more alcohol forward on the nose which I’m thinking is due to the influence of the rum cask. Hints of toffee and vanilla quaffed as well. Tingling anise hits the tip your tongue first, and then the vanillla and molasses from the Caribbean rum casks. Notes of banana, chocolate, and only a med-mild warmth mainly in the nasal cavity for a finish. Lots of tingling and numbness in the mouth and throat. A rather muted oaky exhale. I prefer the fruitier sherry finished Macallan 18 year, but this is an interesting novel experience as well to highlight the difference between a rum cask and sherry cask finish.

Rating as something I would often drink: C+

Rating as a scotch: B