Gran Patron Burdeos (Mexico)

Gran Patron Burdeos (Burdeos = Bordeaux in Spanish)

Here is Patron’s finest anejo 100% agave tequila (40% ABV, 750ml) Hecho en Mexico, the process:

  1. double distilled from 100% agave
  2. Aged for a year in barrels made from a mix of American mountain oak and French oaks from several regions
  3. 3rd distillation
  4. Racked in Bordeaux barrels for further aging

Packaging (old, dated packaging as of 2011)

  • Super huge box with styrofoam padding on both ends
  • Velvet-lined wooden box hand-crafted from a single piece of walnut
  • Cool brushed brass mini corkscrew
  • Unleaded crystal glass stopper

Other notes:

  • hand-numbered and initialed unleaded crystal glass bottle (it’s friggin’ heavy)
  • hand-numbered and signed wooden box
  • perfect fit cork (great for re-corking instead of using the crystal stopper)
  • Where I got it: Solo Liquor @ St. Albert
  • How much: $427 (after 5%), $25 per shot
  • Drinkability: Easy

Tasting Notes (Oct 26/2011)

The first thing you notice is the lovely rich orange colour which displays just how integral the oak-aging process is to creating this masterpiece. On the nose is a light honeyed-citrus fruit with a hint of smoke and cognac. The start is a clean tangy/tropical agave nectar paired with lots cognac flavour, vanilla, and then comes the medium straight-down-the-mid tequila warmth which ends at the tip of the tongue, down the throat and up the nasal cavity. Superb clean warm fuzzy finish, sensations of anise, menthol, and bbq smoke.

Rating as a liquor: A-

Rating as a tequila: A

walnut boxsigned boxvelvet lined boxnumbered bottlebig ass box