Gehringer Brothers 2008 Ehrenfelser (White) (BC, Canada)

Gehringer Brothers 2008 Ehrenfelser (White), 750ml, 13.0% ABV, (BC VQA Okanagan Valley, Canada)

On the back label:

Classic Ehrenfelser

“This variety is well-suited to our viticultural area. Our Ehrenfelser has a rich honeyed bouquet, with a subtle tangy apricot acidity and a touch of almond. The initial sweetness highlights its intriguing flavour, which subsides to an almost dry impression, partly due to tannins unique to this variety. Great as an aperitif, this wine also pairs with lightly-spiced foods. Serve slightly chilled. Medium Dry.”

  • My Rating: C
  • Why I might like it: gets you drunk faster than beer.
  • Who I recommend it to: an easy-going light white wine drinker.
  • Where I got it: BC Liquor store
  • How much: $15 , 2010
  • Bottom line: would NOT drink again, would NOT recommend

Wine Tasting Notes: 1st bottle of any type of wine this year. I tend not to like wines because they rarely are distinct enough to wow me. Case in point, this wine doesn’t wow but gets you drunk. I do taste the almond which I never would have unless guided to do so. Also tastes of minerals, stone fruit (apricot), and some lemon peel. Lots of acid and tang at the funky cringing sour finish. Not exciting enough to drink again, not awesome enough for my friends.

Oct 21st/2011 2nd Tasting: Paired with chasiu-lettuce-bellpepper salad, brings out the fruity pineapple+apricot flavours. So the potential of this wine and varietal has been unlocked! Bonus points awarded but still firm on prefering to try a different bottle.